This Week’s Eats: Easy As Can Be

If menu planning makes you want to stab people, or you just plain don’t have time, I’ve got you covered with This Week’s Eats. This week, the name of the game is easy with 5 easy dinner recipes and a shopping list to get you going through the tough days.

Easy is the name of the game this week as we are quickly approaching the holidays and getting ready to head out of town. We’ve also been dealing with the dreaded 4-month sleep regression, leaving me with less energy than usual to do just about anything, so easy dinners are an absolute must right now.

Last week’s menu was a huge hit, with the Thai Pineapple Fried Rice being a standout dish. It was super easy to make and super flavorful. I will definitely be putting it on the menu again (and again). Our least favorite was the Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Risotto. It was so gooey and slimy — a far cry from our beloved risotto texture. I don’t know if it needed less liquid or it got cooked for too long, but it just wasn’t enjoyable.

I did add a surprise meal into the menu for my husband’s birthday (gluten-free lasagna by request), which is why you see the lentil and veggie stew on the menu again this week. We also had a TON of leftovers and probably could have made due with four cooked meals instead of five.

On the menu this week is a sheet pan dinner, two slow cooker dishes, and a holiday treat with potato latkes being front and center for Hanukah. I would have made a traditional brisket (we love this recipe from Simply Recipes) but we won’t be around long enough to eat the ridiculous amount of beef it makes, so flank steak it is.

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season. Catch you in the new year!

The Recipes:

The printable + shopping list:


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