We are a mother-daughter crafting duo who have a shared passion for creating things with our hands.

In the house of Lev(enson), our favorite things to do include coloring, drawing, painting, cooking, soap making, sewing, and craft projects galore. We love discovering new projects over on Pinterest and hitting up the craft store (or Amazon, let’s be real) to find inspiration and new craft supplies.

We embarked upon our first joint 100-day challenge back in April of 2019 and created something with our hands for 100 consecutive days. Since that time, we have continued to cook, craft, and collaborate; enjoying our time together immensely.

A few weeks after our 100-day challenge came to a close, we welcomed our newest addition to the family. Baby Mia is an absolute dream and we look forward to the day when she can join in on the fun. In the meantime, Anna and I have been scheming and dreaming of what our NEXT 100 day project will include. Some ideas that we’ve already come up with: 100 days of napping, 100 days of snuggling, 100 days of fairy houses, 100 days of handmade (again), and 100 days of baking.

In the meantime, I will be sharing our weekly menu plan and whatever other creative endeavors we get up to.

Who we are:

Emily Levenson

I’m Emily!

My name is Emily and I’m a craft-a-holic. I love making things with my hands and find myself most at home when I’m creating. That could be art (I am a huge fan of watercolors, drawing faces, and painting loose florals), cooking, and, most recently, sewing.

Hats I have worn throughout my life: daughter, the creative one, student, therapist, social worker, book binder, wife, holistic health coach, blogger, entrepreneur, and leader. But the one I’m most proud of these days: MAMA.

I have a beautiful 5 (almost 6) year old daughter and a sweet baby girl. My arms and heart are full.

This is Anna!

Anna is 5 going on 15, with the most amazing blend of sass and smarts I have ever seen. She inspires me and stretches me every single day.

Anna is always down for coloring and crafting (so long as there is glitter involved). She also really loves to help in the kitchen and can always be counted on to eat chocolate chips by the dozens.

She loves: Princesses, Wonder Woman, fairies, unicorns, playing “family” with her bestie, and doing all things by herself thankyouverymuch.

Some of her favorite projects include making slime, baking mini muffins (and then devouring them), drawing fairy houses, and playing Legos with her Daddy.