food+fun/ Menu Plan

    having fun with … food?

    looking to have more fun with food and encourage your kids to try new things? yeah, me too. that’s why I created the food+fun challenge. each week, we plan out a week of fun themes and play with our food. read on for more information about how we do it and for a list of 35+ ideas to jump start your food+fun journey.

    a few weeks ago, after the eleven billionth argument with my eldest around (not) eating the dinner in front of her, i decided it was time to try a different approach to food and eating in our house. 

    because clearly the one where we nag her to eat her fecking dinner or remind her that she needs actual nutrients from the food she’s eating in order to grow and have enough energy to do the things she wants to do, isn’t actually working. we’ve gone so far as to bribe both kids with something special when they do eat their actual food. something i do not recommend. 

    all that did for us was create a lot of tension and arguments in the house.

    and it sucked.

    for everyone.

    so i set out to make food (and dinner time specifically) FUN. i wanted to hear laughter at the kitchen table instead of yelling. and i wanted both of my kids to get excited about food and trying new things.

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