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    food+fun: menu number two

    looking to have more fun with food and encourage your kids to try new things? yeah, me too. that’s why I created the food+fun challenge. each week, we plan out a week of fun themes and play with our food. if you want to read about how this got started or find a list of 35+ kid-friendly themes, you can find that here in the initial post. 

    week one was such a hit that everyone agreed we should continue with our food+fun challenge. everything felt easier this time around, especially since the kids were 100% on board and excited about the possibilities. to my utter delight, the kids both requested that we do a secret ingredient challenge every week; they loved the guessing game that ensued and i love trying to trick them and/or sneak random and unexpected ingredients into our meals. clearly a win-win on that one!

    some highlights from the week included finding and enjoying lots of mini foods, a pie tasting party for pi(e) day, and going bowling in honor of bowl day.

    these are the themes we chose for our second menu: 

    M: chicken noodle soup
    T: use it up day + pi(e) day
    W: secret ingredient day
    Th: crunchy day
    F: green day
    Sa: mini food day
    Su: bowl day

    see below for the delicious details of what each day entailed and also for the recipe links so that you can get in on the fun.

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