Chamomile + Castile Face Wash

I have always had a hard time finding products for my face that don’t irritate it, cause me to break out like crazy, or feel like I have ten pounds of product slathered all over it. I barely wear makeup — preferring mascara and eyeliner to everything else — because I hate the way it feels on my face.

So when the time came to actually wear make-up for my wedding, I was super nervous because I was afraid of how it would feel all day long and then how irritated my skin would feel after. When I said something to the woman who did my make-up, she had me use a chamomile toner before she applied any make-up. Holy smokes what a difference that made. My skin was happy and my make-up looked (and felt) amazing.

Every few years I would try to find a product that worked as amazingly as that toner did. I used a litany of different face washes for sensitive skin, liking a few and hating a few more. Of course, the one I liked the most was hard to find in the store so would have to settle for something that wasn’t great. Two years ago, I discovered the Trader Joe’s All-In-One face wash* with green tea in it and have been using it ever since. Finally something that I could find in the store and my face seems happy with it.

Aaaaand then came my quest to reduce waste and cut down on single-use plastic.

Bath and beauty products seemed like a logical place to start, and one where I could really cut down on plastic and have fun in the process. Face masks and sugar scrubs are two things Anna and I love to make and use together. Foaming hand soap was super easy to make and customize to our favorite scents. Shampoo bars were exciting to make and my hair feels great as a result. (I’m still trying to perfect make-up remover. The two recipes that I shared a while back work well but irritate my eyes and make my contacts all blurry. DOH!)

So why not tackle something like face wash?

Turns out, face wash is equally as easy to make as the foaming hand soap and can be customized by using your favorite essential oils, teas, and oils. Meaning it’s easy to tailor to your specific skin needs. Like, say, you have sensitive skin. (Ahem.)

I went with chamomile tea because of it’s skin calming properties and my past experience with it. I opted for Vitamin E Oil because of its moisturizing and anti-aging properties. I also chose to add in a blend of tea tree oil and lavender essential oils because both have calming properties for the skin and help to reduce redness and inflammation.

I’m excited to see how my face reacts to this particular blend for so many reasons.

EDIT: I’ve been using this face wash for the past 3 months and it’s been fantastic. My skin has never looked better and I find that I don’t need to use as much lotion on my face. The only thing it doesn’t do is take my makeup off from the night before. Which, let’s be honest, should be coming off WAY before my morning shower anyway.

Oh, one more thing. This works better as a foaming face soap. I tried it in a regular soap pump and it just splashed around my hand. The good news is, it feels even more luxurious that way.

Chamomile + Castile Face Wash: This gentle and calming face wash is made with simple ingredients like chamomile tea, Castile soap, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.

How To Make Chamomile + Castile Face Wash


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Homemade Chamomile + Castile Face Wash

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By Emily Levenson
Prep Time: 10 minutes

This gentle and calming face wash is made with simple ingredients like chamomile tea, castile soap, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.


  • 1/2 cup Chamomile Tea
  • 1/2 cup Castile Soap
  • 2 tsp Vitamin E Oil
  • 20 drops Essential Oil(s)



Brew a cup of Chamomile Tea according to directions on package and let cool for a few minutes.


Measure out 1/2 cup of tea and add the remaining ingredients into your measuring cup. Pour directly into your pump bottle or use a funnel.


Gently swirl around so everything is combined.


Wash face with 1-2 pumps of face wash and warm water, as you would any other face wash.


I didn't use the full cup of tea that I brewed. I probably should have saved the extra for smoothies or a chamomile toner that uses 1/2 cup of tea + 1 tsp witch hazel. Next time!

Chamomile + Castile Face Wash: This gentle and calming face wash is made with simple ingredients like chamomile tea, Castile soap, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.

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