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    The 100 Day Project Wrap-Up

    Welp. It’s official. Another 100 Day Project is in the books. Out of all the different iterations of this project I’ve done, I’d say that this has been the most fun and most difficult. Fun, because I got to spend a whole lot of quality time with my daughter doing things we both loved doing. And difficult, because I am officially 2 weeks away from giving birth to my second child.

    To be fair, I knew going into it that this would be a challenge for me because I was pregnant and would be wrapping up the project about a month before my due date. I knew that my energy and motivation would hit more peaks and valleys as a result. I was glad to be able to lean on my experience from previous years and used it as a guidepost for how much planning I would need to do to sustain us for the 100 days.

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