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    Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

    I’ve had a love hate relationship with chia pudding for years. I’ve wanted to love it but end up just hating it because of how runny and slimy it is. I would see recipes online for the thickest and most delicious looking chia pudding and wonder why mine never looked (or tasted) as good.

    I went so far as to buy an electric grinder thinking it was a texture thing. When that didn’t work, I gave up and just added a tablespoon of chia seeds to smoothies or breads here and there.

    That is, until a month ago when my husband came home and declared his love for chia pudding. He had been getting it at a local coffee shop and raved about how good it was. I kind of brushed it off and figured he would continue to just get it there and be content. Aaaand then he asked me how hard it was to make. Which, in theory, isn’t hard at all. It’s the turning out well part that I struggled with.

    I obliged anyway and made a batch for him to try.

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