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    Homemade Ketchup (Low FODMAP)

    For the majority of my life, I have been a ketchup purist. Even when I couldn’t eat the darn stuff (thank you Nightshade intolerance), I was still adamant that the only thing that could be called ketchup was from Heinz. Everything else was subpar. So why the heck am I sharing a recipe for HOMEMADE ketchup? Because I’ve been forced to find an alternative, that’s why.

    I’ve been following a Low FODMAP diet for the past three weeks due to some serious digestive upset and anything containing garlic and onions (among a host of other things) is off limits during the elimination phase. So that rules out store-bought ketchup and it’s deliciously onion-and-garlic-enhanced flavor. The only safe alternative is a homemade one.

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